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Deep Tissue Massage

Combined with Swedish massage techniques, this deeper, focused massage is applied to muscles and connective tissue to relieve pain, tension and help speed up recovery from injury.  The use of trigger point therapy, PNF facilitated stretch and deeper manual techniques are used to restore pain-free motion to the muscles and joints.

Deep Tissue Massage


  • Rehabilitates injured muscles speeding up recovery time
    Faster recovery time from sports injuries or surgeries
    Breaks down scar tissue allowing injury to heal
    Relieves tension and stiffness from muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints and fascia
    Increases flexibility and range of motion
    Improved mobility, posture and physical performance
    Including Swedish massage benefits

Please Note

  • Grace will come up with a treatment plan using a combination of techniques best suited to your individual needs.
  • Aromatherapy massage available for an addtional cost.


1/2 hour – $35
1 hour – $60
1 1/2 – $90
Ensuite (at your location) 1 hour – $75  (in Cabarete)

Prices outside of Cabarete are calculated by distance